Redhill Golf Center has a 37-bay Floodlit Driving Range, and a 9-Hole Golf Course, as well as a fully stocked professional shop.
Redhill Golf Center opened in 1992, with the Driving Range. The Golf Course opened shortly afterwards. The Center has grown from strength to strength to what is now East Surrey’s premiere driving range facility.

Why An Electric Curtain Track is a Golfer’s best friend


Places like Redhill Golf Centre have had to modernise with the times, devices like an electric curtain track are becoming common place. The beauty of automation devices like these is that they let golf clubs control their environment from one central location, meaning that if the environment is too bright or too warm, the conditions can be altered easily

Why members of Golf clubs like Redhill love an electric curtain track

I don’t know a single person out there that hasn’t been impressed by the electric curtain track system that has been put in place. We’ve also given golfers the opportunity to control the electric curtains themselves by using a cleverly designed automated curtain track app. Golfers can log onto the system with their mobile phones and instantly control things like the curtains and the other automated devices that we have scattered around the golf club

More and more golf club houses are opting for electric curtain rails

The golfing community is a surprisingly small one, so it’s relatively easy to speak with other owners and managers of club houses. They all tell me that they are going down the automation route too and using electric devices like these curtains, so if you’re a keen golf fan, expect to see them in a golf club near you soon!