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The 6 Most Annoying Things that Golfers do

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  • March 2, 2020
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Golf is a beautiful sport and you can have a great time playing by yourself, but everything is better when you share it with others. However, sometimes playing with other people can be stressful for everyone if one of the players forgets about those unwritten rules that make up golf course etiquette. To avoid being that person, take a look at our list of the 6 most annoying things golfers do and make sure you don’t do one of these things next time you are on a golf course. 

Having a bad temper

Nobody likes it when somebody with a bad temper ruins everyone’s game. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you cannot show emotions when you are disappointed you didn’t make that shot, or happy you had a great game, but there is a limit. If you are breaking your golf clubs in a fit of anger, you have already gone too far. This just makes everyone around you uncomfortable and perhaps forces them to think about whether they are going to invite such a sore loser again. 

Using your phone too much

You have important things to do, that is understandable. But you go to a golf course with your friends to get away from work and have a nice day doing what you love. Spending too much time on your phone makes you more stressed, irritates other players, and it overall slows down the game. Instead, put your phone on silent and try to be present. 

Always giving advice

Now, it is difficult to say when giving a lot of advice becomes annoying, but you will probably be able to guess by the other player’s reactions. Of course, if another player is asking you for some guidance, do not hesitate to help. We are thinking more about those people who love to give advice when nobody asked for it, just to show how knowledgeable they are. And there is really nothing helpful about that, it is just annoying. 


Some people take golf too seriously and feel the need to win at any cost, which sometimes includes cheating. When you cheat, you are behaving like you don’t respect other players and their skills, or their time, so why would they invite you to play again in the future? Therefore, it is better to lose with dignity and have fun with other players, than to stress over winning and cheat. 

Having a long pre-shot routine

Everybody has some kind of a pre-shot routine that involves a couple of practice swings and looking at your situation from all possible angles, but don’t make it unbearably long for everyone involved. You are not in a professional competition and your career does not depend on this one ball you hit, so don’t make it that big of a deal. Take a couple of moments to decide on the best thing to do in a situation you are in, and commit to your decision fast. 

Talking when you shouldn’t be

Talking is allowed, of course, but not when another player needs to concentrate and prepare for their hit. Always think about others.

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