May 30, 2024

Top 5 Golfers of All Time

Let me start by saying that I am not a great golfer. Without my friends that sometimes take on the role of my caddies and coaches, I wouldn’t know the difference between a driver and a putter (not really, but you get the picture).

I spend half of our golf games on my phone, looking up trivia and saving a lot of money by using the awesome betting bonuses. So, sometimes they would argue about famous golf players, and I would have nothing to contribute. Well, no more! For my benefit and yours, I’ve come up with a list of top 5 players who have ever played golf.

Tiger Woods

Full disclosure – even I know who Tiger is, and I have known that way before I got into golf. He became a name and a brand in 1997, taking the world of golf by storm. There wasn’t a single unmoved face when he scored 18 under par in the 61st Masters tournament. What separates Tiger from the rest of the players is that he has the lowest scoring average in PGA Tour History.

In addition to that, he is the only player who won four consecutive majors, and his winning streak in the PGA tour is second only to the next player on our list – Sam Snead.

Sam Snead

Sam Snead was a golfing legend back in the day, with a career spanning over almost thirty years (1936-1965, to be precise). He is the player with most PGA Tour wins (82), and the oldest man to play the PGA Tour. In fact, being old hardly stopped Snead, as he gave his fans a treat by 66 and 67 in 1979 in the Quad Cities Open. That was his final farewell form the game.

Jack Nicklaus

You have players that are physically tough. What Jack Nicklaus is famous for is his intellect, which he used to destroy terrain using carefully calibrated tactics. He won the record number of 6 Masters Tournaments and 73 PGA Tours. He retired in 2005, at the age of 65. Some would argue (and boy, have I heard it repeatedly) that he is the best player of all time – period!

Arnold Palmer

Here is the name of a player who might not seem impressive at first, until you look at all of his achievements. He had style, and he showed it all 60 times he won the PGA Tour. Jack Nicklaus came in second at the 1960 U.S. Open that really put Palmer in the spotlight, earning him the nickname ‘King’. He was the first PGA Tours millionaire and, during his career, he had at least one victory for a year – fifteen years in a row.

Ben Hogan

Ben Hogan is something of a Batman of golf. His fans and friends could see him hours on end brooding and trying to figure out the court. He is nicknamed ‘the Hawk’ and he is the only player that has ever won Masters, US Open, and British Open during the course of one year. For Hogan, it wasn’t about winning, it was about getting to play the game in the way that suited him the best. Having an awesome golf swing has always been more important to Hogan that having a great score.

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