June 17, 2024

How Much Can Betting Bonus Codes Help You Save Money?

Betting over the Internet has skyrocketed in the past several years due to the advancement in computer and mobile technology and a constant demand for more online content. Gambling at an online casino has many benefits; however, the most important one is that it gives you a chance to conveniently try your luck anytime and anywhere.

In order to attract more players, betting operators usually offer codes that are a series of numbers and letters which give you an opportunity to unlock your gambling bonus and have an advantage when playing at an online casino or a sportsbook.

But do these bonus codes really give players an advantage and to what extent? We put our detective hats on and decided to find an answer to that question.

Types of Bonus Code Bonuses

There are different types of gambling bonuses available on the web. The majority of online casinos have some sort of a welcome package for new customers, while the more popular casinos and sportsbooks have many other promotions as well.

One particular type of promotion that can save you money is the no deposit bonus. Using this bonus means that you won’t be required to deposit your own money and that you can basically bet for free with a certain amount as long as you make an account and use the proper bonus code. The term free bet is often used to describe this type of bonus on sportsbooks. There’s no risk involved, so you actually can’t lose anything.

Percentage bonuses are also quite popular. If a casino gives you a 100% bonus up to a specific amount, it means that they will match your deposit and double your gambling funds. Many of these bonuses require bonus codes as well.

If you like to play video slots, you might be interested in the free spins bonuses. This promotion will give you several spins that you won’t need to pay for if you meet the casino criteria — usually by making the first or second deposit with a previously stated minimum limit.

Wagering Requirements

All these bonuses look really good until you learn about their wagering (rollover) requirements. There are, of course, some bonuses that promise no wagering requirements, so the best chance to save your money is to find bonus codes for them. However, these bonuses are usually not that great to begin with, giving you small cashbacks or free spins for specific games.

In other cases, you will need a lot of luck. If your bonus is $50, for example, and wagering requirements are 40x, you will need to wager a total of $2000 before your bonus winnings get available for withdrawal. This is very difficult to achieve, so your bonus code usually won’t be worth much in these cases unless you’re just looking to have some fun.

Final Verdict

Bonus codes are designed to lure gamblers to a certain sportsbook or a casino site. They look rewarding, but rarely pay off. It is possible that a bonus code can save you money while gambling, however, you will still require a lot of luck to actually win something.

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